Drug Discovery

Looking to improve or develop a new compound? Our company has the expertise to complete your project efficiently.

Research & Development

Your Options

At our cutting-edge laboratories, we are able to offer a complete suite of services at any stage of your development process.

PK/PD and Bioavailability

Our team of experts can determine the bioavailability (following oral, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, topical/epicutaneous delivery) using several methods, including an LC-MS/MS approach. We can also identify the oral bioavailability and BBB penetration potential of your compounds.

Mechanism of Action

We offer a variety of cell free and cell-based assays to assess the mechanism of action of small molecules including:

  • Biolayer interferometry to measure biomolecular interactions between small molecules/proteins, peptides/proteins, protein/protein interactions for kinetic and binding affinity determination
  • Cell free enzymatic assays (kinases, proteases, etc.)
  • Overexpression and genetic suppression of the molecular target in cellular models for target validation and target engagement studies
  • Identification of the protein targets for drugs following click chemistry and a proteomic approach

Screening / SAR

Screening of compounds (focused library, diversity sets, etc.) using in silico, cell-free, and cell-based assays for the identification of hits/chemical scaffolds and the establishment of structure activity relationships (SAR) to orient the rational design of compounds with higher potency.

Medicinal Chemistry

We can provide various services for early drug discovery projects including:

  • Click chemistry for target identification
  • Small scale synthesis of API and analogs

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