Increase Your Product Sales

Our team can assist in making your product stand out from your competitors by optimizing your product formula and increasing scientific credibility.

Build Trust with Your Consumers

Customers frequently have questions when purchasing dietary products. Validation by a standardized laboratory can help answer these questions with confidence.

Lower Your Manufacturing Costs

Utilize our lab services to optimize production, develop synergistic formulations, and lower your costs, all while providing a better product to the consumer.

Increase Your Product Sales

Add scientific credibility to your products that will not only build consumer trust but improve the reputation of your brand and your product.

Better Products,
Better Sales

At our cutting-edge laboratories, we are able to offer a complete suite of services at any stage of your development process.

Product Optimization

Our platforms allow us to understand how your product gets into the brain, body, and gut. This gives you the information necessary to optimize and differentiate your product from your competitors.

Product Differentiation

Our scientific approach gives credibility to your products. Some of the services we provide are: formula optimization, synergistic formulations, dietary absorption, bioavailability studies, and purity screenings.

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We can help every step of the way.