Build Consumer Trust

Our company can assist you in adding credibility to both your product and brand with science backed research.

Build Trust with Your Consumers

Customers frequently have questions when purchasing dietary products. Validation by a standardized laboratory can help answer these questions with confidence.

Lower Your Manufacturing Costs

Utilize our lab services to optimize production, develop synergistic formulations, and lower your costs, all while providing a better product to the consumer.

Increase Your Product Sales

Add scientific credibility to your products that will not only build consumer trust but improve the reputation of your brand and your product.

Why Build Consumer Trust?

Consumer confidence is one of the most important assets in a brand’s marketing strategy. Being proactive in ensuring your product’s integrity is key to maintaining this confidence.

Purity Testing

We offer state of the art ingredient testing to verify your manufacturer’s certificates of authenticity, giving you peace of mind knowing that your ingredients are what you need them to be.

Scientific Validation

Our in-house models and analysis suites that include blood brain barrier permeability, gut bioavailability, and cell modeling can provide scientific credibility and product differentiation from your competitors.

Clinical Studies

We have access to a large clinical study population allowing for healthy participant studies.

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