Lower Manufacturing Costs

To lower your costs, our team can evaluate your incoming ingredients, improve your product formula, and ensure appropriate ingredient quantities that match label claims.

Build Trust with Your Consumers

Customers frequently have questions when purchasing dietary products. Validation by a standardized laboratory can help answer these questions with confidence.

Lower Your Manufacturing Costs

Utilize our lab services to optimize production, develop synergistic formulations, and lower your costs, all while providing a better product to the consumer.

Increase Your Product Sales

Add scientific credibility to your products that will not only build consumer trust but improve the reputation of your brand and your product.

Our Process

By applying our methods to lower manufacturing costs, you can relax knowing your product is profitable and pure.

Formula Optimization

By optimizing your products formulation you can lower your production costs, raise your margins, or lower your retail cost to remain competitive in the marketplace.

We can help by providing ingredient consultation, synergistic formula evaluations, and ingredient market analysis.

Purity Testing

Avoid the headaches and liability of releasing poor quality products by ensuring that your ingredients are of the best possible purity. We offer several state-of-the-art means of testing both purity and concentrations of incoming ingredients.

Talk to Our Experts

We can help every step of the way.